Why Respect the Women in Our Lives

Why Respect the Women in Our Lives

When we take a look at the prominent people in our lives, a lot tend to notice that they have a woman who is that prominent person. Yet in our society, we tend to overlook them and allow the women to be disrespected, degraded, objectified, limited, and too often; abused.

So, we asked people: “I have respect for the women in my life because,..” and received about 50 responses.

Here are 10, consistently similar, responses in no particular order:

· They inspire me, encourage me, teach me and feed me chocolate!

· They are so willing to share strength, hope and Love.

· They persevere.

· They don't put conditions on the love they offer.

· They are the backbone of our people.

· They have the strength to prosper even in an oppressive, sexist world.

· They are the essence of our being. They are why we are here, to honor and cherish them in a sacred way.

· They are sacred & gifted with the ability to give life to our people.

· They deserve respect, as human beings.

· They are always there for me.

So, as we reflect on these responses and the women in our lives. Isn’t it self-evident that we should not only respect the women in our lives but respect all women that we encounter in our everyday life.. Don’t they deserve it? Don’t we deserve it?