Prevention with Native Youth Through Culture Program

Because we recognize that sexual violence is so devastating to the fabric of our communities, everything we do works to create awareness and prevention with a focus on restoring respect for our women and children in a fundamental way. MIWSAC understands to truly influence social change it must begin with all the generations working together to become aware, get educated, and get involved in changing the high rates of victimization against American Indian and Alaska Native women.

One way MIWSAC actively addresses safety, prevention, and education about ending violence in our communities is by providing platforms to bring together the elders and the youth for cultural exchanges of knowledge. This is of great importance to our programming because it reestablishes the circle of our generations needing each other again. By needing each other we fundamentally restore a sense of respect and honor within our communities. We also preserve and strengthen our cultural knowledge and practices by encouraging our youth to engage our elders as well as honor our elders by seeking them out to teach us. These cultural activities naturally build resilience against sexual violence within our communities because they restore identity. If youth know who they are, know the customs and traditions, and build relationships that continue to strengthen the community, we reframe prevention. If we shift the focus from our generational trauma to one of forward movement and healing, we intrinsically change the way sexual violence affects us as a people.

Participation by all is encouraged. Please check the Calendar Tab or contact MIWSAC at (651) 646-4800 or Toll Free at (1) 844-998-4800

Activities and Products:

  • Honor Songs for survivors of sexual violence at pow-wows
  • Annual Native Girls Retreat
  • Creating Public Service Announcements
  • Quilts
  • Public Awareness Posters